Coconut & Caramelized Bananas

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Summer warmth and golden tans can be found with this tropical blend of fresh coconuts and caramelized bananas filling the air above the sweet aromas of vanilla cream and tonka bean.


Inspired by the signature fragrance used throughout the Mirage lobby in Las Vegas. This is a sister scent to Mirage's casino fragrance, Toasted Coconut & Stone Fruit.

Phthalate free


Skin Safe







Perfume - Cat 4

Not limited

Body Lotion - Cat 5A

Not limited

Hand Sanitizers - 5C

Not limited

Body Wash - Cat 9

Not limited

Reed Diffusers - 10A

Not limited

Soap - Cat 9

Not limited

Candles - Cat 12

Not limited


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Customer Reviews

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Gianna Caruso
Need this forever

I have been threatened by multiple people that if I ever got rid of this scent in my summer collection they would never forgive me. I've been told that it's like upscale sunscreen at the bougie resort vibes. It throws so well in CAC and I am so glad I bought this one!

Beachy Beachy Beachy

Reminds me of a coconut sunscreen mixed with a sweet tropical perfume and I mean that in the BEST WAY possible. It’s delicious! Total Vacay Vibes 🏝️

Smells Amazing but…

Turned the cold process soap brown and lost the scent after about two weeks of curing.

Hi Jenna!

I'm sorry to hear you didn't have much luck with Coconut and Caramelized Bananas in your soap. While discoloration is common in coconut scents, you can use a vanilla stabilizer to help assist with this. I will say that other makers have had success with great scent retention, so given you like how this scent smells, you might want to join our Facebook group to see if any of them have tips for this working out better for you moving forward.

Thanks for taking the time to review this for other soap makers & hopefully you can have better success moving forward. Here's a link if you're interested:

Vacay VIBES!

Now this right here is Sunbum sunscreen in a bottle!! I get more banana than coconut OTB but in wax it’s gorgeous. A definite must have for the Summer months or a vegas collection.

Great in a shampoo bar

This is a great shampoo bar for summer. I'm thinking about doing a line to replace my monkey farts with this one because the banana is so much more prominent than the one I use, but I almost feel like that would be disrespecting this fragrance! It's really yummy and just throws such a good summer vibe. 2% in room sprays, it's strong!