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Tranquility is found in this riverside scent that blends fir needle, eucalyptus and Italian cypress under the shade of cedarwood and Zanzibar clove trees alongside vetiver and Guaiac wood.


Inspired by the summer scent used throughout a leading San Antonio resort during the summer months. Pairs lovely with Smoldering Embers, the scent inspired by their winter scent. 

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By The Alamo offers a very unique scent experience. It is much more floral-forward than I initially expected. While the scent straight out of the bottle wasn't particularly appealing to me, it truly blossoms into something summery and refreshing once in wax. I used it in coco apricot wax at a 10%, and CT and HT 8/10. Although it didn’t throw as well as I hoped, it still creates a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere. It's a summer fragrance, and with some adjustments, it has the potential to be even better.

Chelsea Gonzalez
Perfect Clean Luxury Aroma

My hubby and I live in SATX and this was a must have! I’m so glad i went for it! It’s a perfect cozy clean scent! I made 12 oz deluxe soy wax candles 11% FO and they are a dream! I cannot wait to try the winter scent Smoldering Embers! Or combining the two!! If you’re looking for a luxury clean signature scent this or Guest House are perfect choices!

By the Alamo

I just put this in coco83 at 10%. 44-36-18. I did not love it OOB, but in wax it evolved. It has more of a floral note to it in wax than what I picked up on OOB. I like it but not sure if I love it in coco83 may need to try it in a diff wax.

Smells just like Milagros

Just got it today and haven't had a chance to make anything from it yet but the scent is so much like the amazing original from Emma that I had to write a review immediately in case anyone is on the fence like I was (optimistic but still a little apprehensive). Just buy it and thank me later.


This one is strong! It runs a 2nd to my other Emma favorite (Smoldering Embers). Performed very well in CAC (heated to 225-230) and cured for 2 weeks, wood wick.