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Take to the skies as you journey through an unexplored forest before opting for a calmer view by the moon. Top notes of earthy moss and dense pine compliment the middle note of pinecones and base note of metallic bicycles.

This scent is inspired by a classic alien bike flight attraction in both CA and FL.




Perfume - Cat 4

Not Limited

Body Lotion - Cat 5A


Hand Sanitizers - 5C


Body Wash - Cat 9

Not Limited

Reed Diffusers - 10A

Not Limited

Soap - Cat 9

Not Limited

Candles - Cat 12

Not Limited

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I'm unsure what this FO smells like! It does smell good. It's more of a neutral FO in my opinion. I'm not sure what to blend it with but I'm excited!

GiGi Mason
So Nostalgic

This one put me right on the ET ride decades ago. I won’t say exactly when to not show my age but it is truly nostalgic. It may be a bit weird for some not familiar with the scent but for those familiar it’s going to take them right back. That being said, I’ve had some order it and they totally dig it. It’s almost like a novelty. When they know what it is supposed to smell like they say ohhh yeah. It does smell like that.

Fun and different

When I received this one, I did not like it OOB. I thought it smelled like hose water, but I guess that was the dewy/earthy side of it. We all know that some things we smell perform differently in wax or diffusers. I put 9% in wax (464 coco soy blend) and when I burned this, it was definitely a different and fun scent. I almost smell new car or leather when I burn the candle too :). This does have a great throw.. about 8/10.

Sara Culpepper
A Little Obsessed

I am a HUGE fan of this iconic ride so of course I had to get my hands on this! It performed amazingly well in everything we have tried so far, including wax & bath and body products!

Thom L
Amazing CT/HT!

This is a really cool, unique FO. The woody notes, metallic notes, and leather notes blend so well and create something unique. I’d love to see more oils with metallic notes, (funky, outside-the-box stuff)! I have used this as the primary oil in a blend I will release in the autumn, but this truly is a perennial fragrance and is malleable for any season! The fragrance description on the website perfectly describes how this FO smells!