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Coastal sea breeze and cliffside florals beautifully intertwine with the natural sea salt, native sage wart, and seaweed surrounded by a warmth from sun-bleached driftwood, sea fennel and serene coastal musk.  

Top: Sea Breeze, Bergamot Mint, Dew-Drenched Jasmine, Lily of the Valley
Heart: Sea Salt, Coastal Sagewort, Seaweed
Base: Sun-Bleached Driftwood, Sea Fennel, Coastal Musk 

This is a Simbi original fragrance. By purchasing this scent you're supporting a small, independent fragrance house.

NOTE: We've added significant ozone-forward top notes from the sea mist and sea foam that overtake the fragrance at first causing it to smell light. That's because you're smelling 'atmosphere' before the rest of the notes present themselves. This is intentional. 

Please put this on a blotter, in a diffuser, or in product prior to judging, because it takes time and a dry down for all the notes to truly present themselves. This scent gets stronger and more grounded the longer it sits, starting around five to ten minutes in. 


Phthalate Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free: Yes

Skin Safe, Pet Safe: Yes, within IFRA limits.

Candle Optimized: Yes

Flashpoint: Over 200F

Essential Oils: Italian Bergamot Oil Under 1%

CP Soaping Notes: No ricing nor acceleration. Good scent retention after six weeks. 

IFRA Max Usage Allowance:

Perfume Cat 4 Not Limited

Body Lotion Cat 5A 15.23%

Reed Diffusers Cat 10A 5.85%

Soap Cat 9 5.85%

Candles Cat 12 Not Limited






Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beth Fuller
Obsessed with this beautiful beach scent!

Scent was so faint when I smelled this OOB and on blotter strip that I didn't have high expectations when I put this oil in a candle, but I'm sure glad I did. Not only is this a gorgeous layered scent that smells exactly like the beaches where I grew up, but the HT is surprisingly strong! 10% FO in a 10-oz candle with Cera de Coco wax and the scent fills the room. I've had equally good results with this fragrance and C55 wax for melts. If you're looking for a genuine beach fragrance that doesn't smell like coconut, I highly recommend!

Cydney N

On a blotter, I was having a hard time liking this one. I left it on the table for a day and the next day, it smelled completely different. I was in awe. I made wax melts (C55 at 10%), and omg, this is it. PLEASE take the warning in the description above that says not to judge OOB, it is not the same! I live in Florida, and I totally get the beachy feeling with this one. More so than any other ocean scent.

Sara C.
This Is The Scent My Collection Has Been Missing!

Being a company based in a beach town, this scent is the perfect blend to bring to my customers! It’s not your typical beachy/sunscreen scent but one that truly embodies natures smell of being at the beach! So far I’ve tested this in Room & Linen spray with outstanding reviews from our testers!

Salty Surf

I'm so amazed at how different fragrances can smell to different people. I didn't get any sunblock-type aromas from this, but beautiful salty, briny sea, with a forward sage and sea greens, and a background of almost a citrus-type cologne pungency.
This was the ocean-type smell I was hoping to get from the Ocean scent Simbi offers, and now that I have both of these, I actually think they'll make an incredible blend.
This one didn't scream perfume/cologne to me, but I popped it in a hanging car diffuser and hung it from my bedroom window, and within a half hour my whole room smelled like the sea side. Excellent throw.

The Most Authentic SoCal Beach Scent I've Ever Smelled

This is 100% SoCal Beaches!!!!!!!

I followed the instructions on this one and put it on a blotter. Out of the bottle, this one is extremely sea foam forward, so it almost gives off a coastal air vibe that can be misinterpreted as a soft or light scent. The sea foam continues OOB no matter how many times I smell it, but on the blotter you start so much more and it reveals more and more to you the longer you give it.

ROOM SPRAYS: I used 20% and it is sea salt, coastal waters and warm sand. Great scent retention. It lasts all day.

WAX MELTS: I used 10% in 494 wax. Heated to 200, added FO, stirred quickly and poured hot. After a week I have 6.75/10 CT and 8.5/10 HT.

This scent thrives when it's warmed or in room spray or perfume base as the other notes make themselves known sooner.

DO NOT JUDGE THIS ONE OOB. Get it on a blotter or in product and be ready for a full experience. It's an everlasting gobstopper how the notes keep changing. No sunscreen or artificial notes here. Just 100% SoCal Beaches. Best when it cures at least 72 hours!