Morning Mist

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Brisk morning air and a cloud of mist greet you at sunrise as they carry the earthy aromas of fresh tree sap and dewy moss alongside a lingering trail of chilled juniper bark, damp cashmere woods and white musk.

Top: Brisk Morning Air, Thick Sunrise Mist, Dewy Leaves, 

Heart: Fresh Tree Sap, Damp Moss

Base: Chilly Juniper Bark, Damp Cashmere Wood, White Musk

This is a Simbi exclusive fragrance. By purchasing from Simbi, you're supporting an independent, artisan fragrance house.


Vanillin: None

Phthalate Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free: Yes

Skin Safe, Pet Safe: Within IFRA limits

Candle Optimized: Yes

Essential Oils: Cedarwood Oil Virginia 1-5%, Orange Essence Oil Under 1%, Lemon Oil California Under 0.1%, Gurjun Balsam Oil Under 0.1%, Amyris oil Under 0.1%

Soaping Notes: Soaped using CP method at the lowest recommended FO percentage. There wasn't any ricing or acceleration and there was endless time for swirls. Discolored to an off-white with strong scent retention after six weeks.

IFRA Max Usage Allowance:

Perfume Cat 4 28.14%

Body Lotion Cat 5A 2.29%

Reed Diffusers Cat 10A 0.96%

Soap Cat 9 0.96%

Candles Cat 12 69.62%


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
midnight candle co
Smells Like Morning Mist

The name says it all. I've been searching forever for a misty/watery fragrance that wasn't just florals and artificial aromas. This is authentically what it smells like especially If you live in a place surrounded by trees like me in Washington. I'm absolutely obsessed with this fragrance oil and am loving it in room sprays (for my Twilight collection), and my diffusers. It's currently my best seller this season at markets.

Unique & Fresh

Right out of the bottle the freshness of this blend made me think this would be a wonderful blender to create some beautiful blends! The low soap/lotion usage rate isn’t ideal, so it may be best utilized as a blender unless making candles.

Cydney N

This one is good. I used it in a water diffuser, just a couple drops, and it smells exactly like the description. Unfortunately, with the low usage rates for what I primarily make (soap), I am unable to use it. I like to use between 2-3% load, but it does smell very nice.

Spiced Fog

This one confused me, tbh. I definitely got the foggy, misty, slightly damp air aroma, but it smelled spiced to me. While it's not listed, the most prominent notes to me oob AND dried down on a blotter smell like cardamom, followed by the damp air notes. I had hoped to use this for a summer morning at the lake car diffuser scent, but think this will actually make a great fall scent for that after-dark in a haunted house type of aroma. I can't speak to performance in a diffuser yet, but as a perfume it's deep and mysterious, though some testers didn't love it as personal fragrance.

Gianna Caruso
Lovely blender

I used this one in my Oakwood Mist candle. It is lovely, a bit strong on its own but a perfect ozone to balance out other earthy scents. Worked amazingly well in my blend with another company's oak scent in Coco Apricot Wax! 10/10 HT.