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As you sip a delightful blend of white tea in the kitchen, you're surrounded by herbaceous notes of thyme, coriander, cucumber and watery greens perfectly balanced with violet, rose and jasmine all above a dry down of light musk. This is a luxuriously complex white tea scent that deserves to be in everyone's collection.

This is a Simbi original fragrance inspired by the scent piped into select Hilton Hotels & Resorts worldwide along with Ritz-Carlton, Vienna, The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta, and The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown, Washington D.C.


Top: Fresh Thyme, Garden Coriander, Sliced Cucumber, Watery Greens

Heart: Night Blooming Violet, Rose, Wild Jasmine

Base: Light Musk


All Simbi Fragrances are phthalate free, cruelty free and vegan. 

Flashpoint: Over 200F

Vanillin: None

Essential Oils: California Lemon Oil Under 1%, Chinese Ginger Oil Under 1%, Italian Bergamot Oil Under 1%, Cedarleaf Oil Under 1%

Soaping Notes: Used the cold press method to soap. There was no ricing nor acceleration and it had plenty of time for swirls. Discolors ever so slightly to an off-white and has amazing scent retention after six weeks. 


Max Usage Rates:

Perfume (Cat 4): 8.74%

Reed Diffusers (Cat 10A): 21.68%

Soap (Cat 9): 17.07%

Candles (Cat 12): 100%


IFRA Documentation

SDS Information

EU Allergin Declaration

Customer Reviews

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Best seller

This scent is a must!! It is clean and refreshing. It is amazing in wax melts and room sprays. It a great seller for a reason! I used this product in c55 wax.

Jamel Bankos
Gorgeous Best Seller!

I’m so happy I followed the recommendation to try White Tea & Thyme by the fb Simbi group. This is was our top best seller at the first event of the 2024 season in our soy blend wax & room/linen spray. HT & CT are strong and gorgeous!! If I was to describe it I’d say it’s like a fresh potager garden with a hint of aquatic Asian florals. Clean & crisp, perfect year round in all products.

Perfect in SO many products!

Ok.... I use this one for EVERYTHING! Soaps like a dream. Perfume, room sprays, shampoo bars, candles, lotions....you literally cannot go wrong with this one and people beg for more!

Kerry T.

This is a classic white tea fragrance but the added thyme note levels it up. Compared to other white tea FOs on the market the thyme addition is absolutely gorgeous. I used this at 3% in bath salts and I could probably knock it back to 2% because it's quite strong. I used this as a wedding favor candle for a spring wedding. I used it in GB 444 soy wax at 8% and the CT & HT were strong. The fragrance is herbaceous and fresh with a hint of musk and floral.

A Classic

This one nails the description.
The scent is gorgeous.

I was at a friend's place the day after I received my package, and they had a white tea and sage soap that smelled so good I couldn't stop smelling my hands after.
So when I got back home, I immediately popped this into PA at 8% and spritzed all over my shirt. Even at 8%, I could STILL smell this the next day on my top. Absolutely gorgeous. A classic white tea scent with clean herbals in support. Gorgeous as a linen/fabric spray.