Turquoise Bay

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A pristine blend of sea mist, frothy sea foam and coastal wildflowers beautifully intertwined with sea salt, ambrette and clary sage above a grounding base of sun warmed sand and coastal bark.

Top: Bergamot Mint, Sea Mist, Frothy Sea Foam, Lily of the Valley

Heart: Sea Salt, Vetiver, Wild Jasmine, Ambrette, Clary Sage

Base: Sun Warmed Sand, Coastal Bark

A Simbi original. By purchasing this fragrance, you're supporting a small, independent fragrance house.


Phthalate Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free: Yes

Flashpoint: 200F

Skin Safe, Pet Safe: Yes, within IFRA limits.

Candle Optimized: Yes

Essential Oils: Orange Essence Oil 1<5%, Chinese Geranium Oil Under 1%, California Lemon Oil Under 1%, Vietnam Basil Oil Under 1%

CP Soaping Notes: No ricing nor acceleration. Light scent retention after six weeks. 

IFRA Max Usage Allowance:

Perfume Cat 4 21.49%

Body Lotion Cat 5A 4.33%

Reed Diffusers Cat 10A 1.85%

Soap Cat 9 8.07%

Candles Cat 12 Not Limited





Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cydney N

Out of all the FOs I got from this collection, (I got all but grass is greener) this one I was most skeptical about. OOB it just "ok". But letting it set on a blotter for a day changed my opinion. The top notes are really strong and over powering, to my nose. While making my wax melts, C55 at 10%, the scent changed a bit, in a good way, to a more feet in the sands feel. I could smell the mossiness that you smell when the waves are coming in. I haven't used my melts yet, so I can't attest to overall scent retention of the room, but if it smells like it did while pouring, which it should, it's a keeper.

Sara C.
If You Love Coco Beach Don’t Sleep On This!

I’m a huge fan of Coco Beach, but Turquoise Bay is just dreamy! It’s very similar, but has more ocean/botanical notes opposed to the more fruity notes of Coco Beach. In soap there is a slight discoloration but that works for my “sand” like vibe I went with for this blend! Highly recommend!!

Ocean Fresh

This smells like a dreamy ocean-side boutique hotel. *insert heart-eye emojis here*
Minty clean notes come through first, followed by an ocean botanicals kind of aroma after, carrying with it a sweet tropics breeze.

I got most of the Jet Set collection, and also have Simbi's Ocean and Sundazed fragrances, and I love how none of them are similar. They all offer such varying aromas that relate to these seaside locales.
This one is distinctly clean smelling, and went into a hanging diffuser at a friend's place I was visiting this weekend. Without heat, it had excellent throw and gave the room a beachy-hotel vibe.
And while this is a clean-smelling fragrance with some tropical sweet notes, I wouldn't at all put it into the "spa" category. It is very much a beachy scent.

Stephanie Starnes
Turquoise bay

Got very excited when my jet set discovery collection came in. Stayed up all night to make wax melt testers. I used 8% in tw30. So this review is based on melts made less than 24 hrs
Turquoise bay is throwing out strong notes of sage and sea salt. Im not a fan of this one but it sure did perform strong. 5/5 Ct and HT.