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A robust symphony of orange peel, cocoa and vanilla blossoms playing alongside carrot seed, violet, orris absolute, and ambrette before a grand finale of earthy tobacco, smoked cedar, cade oil and spiced musk.

Top: Orange Peel, Cocoa, Vanilla Blossoms
Heart: Carrot Seed, Violet, Orris Absolute, Ambrette
Base: Earthy Tobacco, Smoked Cedar, Cade Oil, Spiced Musk

Inspired by walking through the Gramercy neighborhood in NYC, specifically, by the entrance to the Gramercy Park NYC Hotel.

NOTE: This fragrance is not to be judged out of the bottle. The base notes of tobacco, smoked cedar, cade oil and spiced musk are very overpowering and don't blossom alongside the rest of the notes until they've dried down on a blotter strip, or this is used at a lower than usual fragrance oil amount in your product. We recommend starting with a lower concentration than usual and then adding more to preference. When diluted properly, it should smell like a more grounded, adult version of Santal. 

Phthalate free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Skin Safe, Candle Optimized, Made 100% in the USA




>200 F

Phthalate free


Skin Safe






Perfume - Cat 4


Body Lotion - Cat 5A


Hand Sanitizers - 5C


Body Wash - Cat 9


Reed Diffusers - 10A


Soap - Cat 9


Candles - Cat 12


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Natalie W.
Not to Be Judged OOB - Blooms in Product

I'm a huge fan of upscale scents, and I read the owners notice in the FB group about how this one is extremely concentrated and smells strong OOB but to put it in product before judging. I started small at 6% in 494 tart wax and WOW. It really did make a huge difference. The notes of tobacco, cade oil, smoked cedar, and spiced musk even out (they're really forward projecting OOB) and you get the chance to smell the other nots, specifically the orange, cocoa and stunning vanilla blossoms. All of the notes pair so beautifully together and it has quickly become an addicting, upscale fragrance that's a best seller for me. If you'e had any of the 10/10 CT/HT scents from Simbi (think: Enchanted Peppermint, Ocean Botanicals, Orange Groves, etc.) so may of these scents are meant to not be judged OOB and to be used at 6% in product. Gramercy is one of those scents. If you give it a try and either let it dry down on a blotter, or you put it in product at a lower than usual fragrance load, you'll be rewarded with a beautiful aroma that lingers for DAYS. It's one of the strongest, most complex, and stunning scents I've ever had and I'm on my third 16 oz now because it's a best seller in interior sprays and wax melts. For anyone who isn't smelling all the notes, you're adding too much product! Follow the instructions in the description and start with a lower FO amount. It's worth it! I renamed it as Smoke Show and it's been my best seller past six months.

Least favorite

This is hard to review because I know scent is subjective. So the pros: 2 stars because this scent is very strong! I put into wax alone and also mixed 10% into Guest House and this completely overpowered Guest House. The cons: This is my personal least favorite scent I have ever smelled. The notes sound sophisticated, but my first thought was it smells like someone smoking cigarettes sitting on an old couch in a bail bond commercial and my instinct was to run far away from it. It’s so bad to my nose, even blending it couldn’t redeem it. Hard pass.

Stephanie Starnes
Sorry I hate it!

I hate to say I hate this one. I havent smelled anything like it with any other supplier or scent and so I would say its 5/6 for uniqueness but I cant help but describe it as smelly trash. Sorry! Out of the 40+ scents I have tried at Simbi, this is the only one I cannot stand. I tried it in wax melts and it was 4/5 across the board for strength but I just cannot use it at my house lol. made small batch testers to see what customers think.


Such a unique scent. So beautiful and is the strongest throw out of all my candles!

It’s ok

I haven’t poured this yet, but OOB I didn’t too much particularly care for it. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t a scent I think I would like. BUT I haven’t tested it in anything, so we all know OOB somethings are deceiving lol. I’m going to make a tester and do a blend to see how it works.