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This scent IS a day on the beach. There are notes of ocean air and summer citrus drifting in the wind picking up whispers of lily of the valley and geranium before mingling with warm driftwood, nutmeg and cloves.

A warm 78 degree day at the beach, with the warmth of the sand and the summer glow on your skin providing a grounded depth.

Top: Ocean Air, Summer Citrus

Heart: Lily of the Valley, Geranium

Base: Warm Seaside Driftwood, Nutmeg and Cloves

Inspired by INIS Energy of the Sea

This and all Simbi Fragrances are phthalate free, cruelty free, vegan and skin safe.


Vanillin 0%

Flashpoint 194F

Perfume (Cat 4) 100%

Body Lotion (Cat 5A) 27.50%

Body Wash (Cat 9) 20%

Reed Diffusers (Cat 10A) 30%

Soap (Cat 9) 30%

Candles (Cat 12) 100%


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Customer Reviews

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Samantha Adamson
just like inis

this smells just like inis I love it


Excellent scent. Smells like Inis.

Beach Cologne

I didn't like this when I first smelled it on a blotter, and I think it was just because of what I was expecting, which was more typical sandy/ocean beach notes.
Because of that, it took me a while before I put it in product. I happened to smell a cologne fragrance from another company and it sparked my memory of this scent, and I came back to this one for use in a cologne.
Once I put it in perfumer's alcohol, it transformed. It actually reminded me of a Tommy limited-edition beach cologne from 20 years ago that I had absolutely loved. This one is a bit sharper due to the citrus, but it is such a great clean, citrus-beach cologne scent. 10/10 for scent at 20% in PA.

Chelsea Gonzalez
Bright, Coastal, Clean!

If you’re looking for a beach cottage signature scent this is it! It’s so clean, energizing and refreshing! I am so happy i picked this up for my summer line! I made 12 oz candles with it 11% FO in deluxe soy wax!

Maria Medina
Sniff away

THIS is truly beach day fragrance! It’s a beautiful, sunny, breezy day - lounging at the beach. It smells amazing OOB but even better in wax and room spray! It has a delicate fragrance that is just truly enchanting.