Pumpkin Patch

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Green pumpkin vines, fresh pumpkin and toasted nutmeg infuse the Autumn air alongside hay barrels and spiced brown sugar on top of a dry down of myrrh, roasted pumpkin and farmhouse woods.

Top: Autumn Air, Green Pumpkin Vines, Fresh Pumpkin Rind, Toasted Nutmeg

Heart: Spiced Browned Butter, Hay Barrels, Brown Sugar

Base: Myrrh, Leather, Roasted Pumpkin, Farmhouse woods


Flashpoint: >200F

Vanillin: 1<5%

Phthalate Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free: Yes

Skin Safe, Pet Safe: Yes

Candle Optimized: Yes

Essential Oils: Virginia Cedarwood Oil 1%

IFRA Max Usage Allowance:

Perfume 2.30%

Body Lotion 0.58%

Hand Sanitizers 0.58%

Body Wash 4.51%

Reed Diffusers 4.51%

Soap 4.51%

Candles 100%

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Pumpkin season

This is more than a pumpkin scent; it’s pumpkin season. It has almost a petrichor scent in the background. It’s a unique take on a pumpkin scent and good for people who don’t want a sweet, bakery pumpkin fragrance. It was strong in wax melts at 10% in POB.

Lawanda Martin

This is the most luxurious pumpkin scent I've ever smelt! I absolutely do not like pumpkin scents at all but you have converted me with Pumpkin Patch! The notes thrive in CAC wax. Love it!

Gentry K.
New take on pumpkin

I love that this scent isn’t just another pumpkin spice. It has more depth and feels more sophisticated. It also has a decent hot throw in soy wax. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for something more unique for fall!

Fiona Thomas
Pumpkin Galore!

This is my new pumpkin. THIS is the pumpkin for people who don't want overpowering pumpkin, but still want the joy of pumpkin season. CT 7/10, HT 8/10 in 444.

Wanderwax Candle Co.
Curated to PERFECTION!

Deep, rich and complex with welcoming notes of familiar pumpkin. Like shopping for fresh pumpkins on a fall day in New England. You can almost smell the leaves, air and vines! I don’t know how they do it, but I have found a company that consistently delivers the unexpected combined with true performance in wax.