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Sail away with the scent of blue skies and salty sea air anchored with a bright burst of SoCal citrus, soft Lily of the valley, and glowing notes of amber.

 This scent is, in our opinion, the truest ocean scent to exist. It smells like you're walking by the tide on a bright, blue sky day, where the water is crystal clear and the perfect temperature. This scent is exclusive to SIMBI. 


Top: Ozone, Lily of the Valley, Cyclamen, Lemon Zest

Heart: Salt Water, Water Lily, Coastal Grass

Base: Coastal Pines, Amber, Driftwood Musk


All Simbi Fragrances are phthalate free, cruelty free and vegan.

Flashpoint: >200F

CP Soaping Notes: No discoloration, very easy to work with. The scent retention is light at the lowest FO usage amount.


Max IFRA Amounts:

Perfume: 80%

Body Lotion: 22.45%

Body Wash: 54.29%

Reed Diffusers: 54.29%

Soap: 54.29%

Candles: 100% 


IFRA Documentation

SDS Information

EU Declaration

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Jess Bullock
Spot on

For the applications I use this scent in, it's 100% perfect! I sat on this bottle for a while and when I finally un-stashed it, it's become a big favorite!

Haley Leffler
Beach Day 🌊

This is a true, fresh oceanic/beach scent, not overly floral or citrus. I couldn't decide if I liked it smelling OOB and even while pouring. I think it really needs to get in wax and cure to shine - it's worth it! Beautiful throw (cold and hot) and is already a big seller for me.

Ria M.

Perfect cologne for the summer! I used it at 20%FO in PA and it’s perfect. The fragrance reminds me of Disney cruise. Enchanting!

Floral spa

I'm a fan of salty, briny ocean scents, so this one didn't feel like it was really an ocean scent to me.
That said, it's a beautiful fragrance, and certainly has aquatic notes.
To my nose, it's more watery-flower forward, which ends up lending it a bit more of a sweet spa-type smell.

In a car diffuser it throws beautifully, and the watery accords become more ozonic as they air.

If you're looking for a more salty/briny scent, I highly recommend Simbi's Surf Camp fragrance.

Spa like ocean scent

If you like ocean scents, this is among the best. It’s a fresh, clean type of scent with a strong cold throw/hot throw in coconut soy wax.