Midnight Noir

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Robust black tea brewing at midnight before slowly unfolding to reveal a luminous blend of citrus, smoke, chocolate, pepper and floral notes.

This scent is inspired by the iconic Edition Hotels lobby scent. 


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Midnight Noir is like a luxurious midnight rendezvous— its notes create an air of mystery and warmth. Its intricate blend of citrus, smoke, chocolate, pepper, and floral notes creates an aura of intrigue that's both captivating and luxurious. Unisex & effortlessly sophisticated. I feel instantly drawn to its enigmatic allure, finding it both captivating and comforting. In essence, Midnight Noir is more than just a fragrance—it's an invitation to embrace elegance and intrigue. Perfect for anyone seeking a scent that's both mysterious and inviting. Used at 0,5% in body butter.

Indian Incense

This scent is described PERFECTLY. It completely matches all the scent notes listed. First you get the slightly bitter, slightly sweet musky black tea, followed by sharp citrus, then spicy smoke, the delicate creamy/powdery cocoa notes, and lastly the sweet powdery florals.
But what it brought forth for me was a memory of my childhood, shopping for traditional Indian-wear at the shops on Gerrard street - tea percolating in the backroom, the floral garlands around the shop, the citrus and rose incense sticks burning, the soft, powdery smells of chiffon and silk...
I popped it in a perfume oil for my sister at 20% and she said she was transported back to her time in India when she wore it. This one does much better in perfume oil than alcohol - the warming scent notes come through beautifully in oil, but smell a bit sharper in an alcohol medium.
I suspect this would be excellent in a candle or incense cones.

My favorite

This is one of my faves. Unisex. Sweet and warm. Very strong in parasoy wax melts. 10/10 HT. The CT is amazing as well! I could smell the wax melts all night as they cured! I tend to go over the recommended percentage, but with this one I don’t have too. U can also use this as a perfume because it smells so nice.

Wendy Vendettuoli
Midnight Noir in Soap.

Beautiful scent but it averaged in my soap batch. I almost had to toss it, but couldn’t do my design I planned. I wish there was information on accretion, ricing and scent retention on your website for each scent. Most companies that sell fragrance do.

Susan Santucci
Moody & Dark

Midnight Noir is a new fav. Unlike many of the other FO at Simbi, this offers a strong hot & cold throw and the notes are the same in wax as OOB. This scent is definitely worth every penny.