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Sun-drenched orange blossoms perched alongside dewy gardenia and whimsical night blooming florals are wrapped in a spiced vanilla.

Top: Orange Blossoms

Heart: Dewy Gardenia, Night Blooming Florals

Base: Spiced Vanilla



Flashpoint: 186F

Vanillin: None

Phthalate Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free: Yes

Essential Oils: Mandarin Oil 1-5%

Soaping Notes: Tested in CP soap using the minimum FO amount. No ricing or acceleration. Discolors to an off-white with strong scent retention. 


IFRA Max Usage Allowance:

Perfume 12.64%

Body Lotion 3.23%

Body Wash 13.69%

Reed Diffusers 13.69%

Soap 13.69%

Candles 100%


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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Citrusy Floral

Hollywood Chateau has become one of my absolute favorites. Interestingly, the first time I smelled it and used it in a candle, I didn't like it. However, I decided to give it another go because its iconic namesake is one of my favorite places. I'm so glad I did! I used it in coco apricot wax at a 10%, and both CT/HT are 10/10. The blend of fruity orange, spicy night-blooming flowers, and a hint of vanilla is unforgettable. This fragrance perfectly captures the glamour and allure of its namesake, making it a standout choice. Highly recommend!

STRONG clean scent

I was surprised by this one, mostly because the description and reviews touted it as an orange-blossom forward scent. To my nose, I detected some citrus, but it felt far more perfumed/cologne-like than what I know to be orange blossom. I have been working on creating an orange-blossom perfume for nearly 3 years, so was really looking forward to this one for that reason.
While it didn't match my expectations for scent profile, I will say that this one throws incredibly strongly in perfumes AND in wax. A 10g tester of wax went on solidly for days, turned on for an hour or two at a time, and threw so well that I could smell it two floors down in my house.
The scent profile I would describe as more of a clean aroma, leaning more into citrus but still feeling like it lined up more with a shampoo or fancy hotel vibe.
My testers and I both felt this scent was actually too strong for our likes, but for scent throw in wax and perfume, it's absolutely a 10/10.

Fresh and clean

I first tried a small sample of this in C55 wax melts (using 11%) and wasn’t blown away. The HT was pretty light for my standards. But I put a few drops into a water diffuser and immediately went and ordered a 16 oz! It is now one of my favorite room spray scents. It’s gorgeous and fresh smelling. I love to put a few drops on the bottom of my steam mop before cleaning.


I’ll be honest, this scent isn’t one of my personal favorites as I’m not a fan of florals BUT I can not keep wax melts and candles in stock with this scent. My customers love it! Even though I don’t really care much for floral scents, this isn’t like one of those in your face fake flower fragrance. It’s luxurious and beautiful. I use it in pb650 wax and IGI6006 at 9% with great results. HT 9/10 CT 9/10


I'm usually not a fan of floral scents, but someone requested a gardenia fragrance. I hesitantly bought Hollywood Chateau, but I was pleasantly surprised! The gardenia and orange blossom notes were prominent and delightful. Additionally, it had a great hot throw using 9% fragrance oil in coconut apricot wax, earning a 9/10 rating.