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Transport back to the Jazz Age for a party with the prominent NY social scene. Potted palms and American Beauty roses welcome you ahead of the pom fruits mingling in the hallway. The scent of lingering tobacco weaved into men's coats and the exotic woods of the ballroom complete the rich blend.

Top Notes: Palm Fronds, American Beauty Roses, Hyacinth, White Lilies, Carnation

Heart Notes: Violet Leaf, Quince, Apple Blossom, Cherry Blossoms

Base Notes: Aged Cedarwood, Oak Wood, Lingering Tobacco 


This scent, like all Simbi Fragrances, are phthalate free, cruelty free and vegan.


Soaping Notes: In CP soap using the minimum FO amount, there was no ricing nor acceleration and there was plenty of time for swirls. Discolored to a medium tan with strong scent retention.

Max Usage Rates:

Perfume (Cat 4): 16.53%

Body Lotion (Cat 5A): 4.23%

Reed Diffusers (Cat 10A)

Soap (Cat 9): 6.52%

Candles (Cat 12): 100%

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Gatsby is interesting and captivating. It turned out to be much more floral-forward than I initially expected. I used it in coco apricot wax at an 8%, and both CT/HT are 10/10. The throw is impressively strong at 8%, so I wouldn't recommend going higher. For me, the florals are the most prominent, with a subtle hint of lingering tobacco that adds a unique touch. This fragrance offers a sophisticated and luxurious aroma, making it a standout choice for candles.


This is a nice scent. It’s very fresh. To me it smells like an expensive shampoo. And I’m here for it. Ht 8/10 in parasoy melts. Standard percentage and cure time.

Jennifer Primaveri
Complex and Sophisticated

Strong CT and HT in both my wax melts and candles I would say 9/10 for both in Cera De Oliva at 8%. Filled my great room with just a 9oz straight sided jar. This is my current go to scent for personal use, and it is selling well with my customers (just ordered more). Haven't tried in body products yet but that's next. It's a complex and sophisticated blend of fragrances. The rose is there but it isn't overly floral. I would consider it unisex leaning slightly more towards masculine. Something about it reminds me of being in a tea shop (the kind selling dried tea, not made beverages).


For a tobacco type scent, somehow it’s silky smooth. Smells subtley of cool metal Came back for the bigger bottle right away. Simbi never disappoints!