White Cashmere

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Wrap yourself in soft white cashmere as you take in the scents of cloudberry, heliotrope and violet leaf, cuddled together with tobacco flower, ebony wood, and fresh smoked vanilla.

Top: Cloudberry, Heliotrope, Violet Leaf

Heart: Tobacco Flower, Tuberose, Jasmine

Base: Ebony Wood, Soft Amber, Fresh Smoked Vanilla


Our unique interpretation of Flamingo Resort's White Cashmere scent.


All Simbi Fragrances are phthalate free, cruelty free and vegan.

Vanillin 1-5%
Flashpoint >200 F

Max Usage Amounts:

Perfume: 47%
Body Lotion: 12%
Hand Sanitizers: 3.7% 
Body Wash: 9.9%
Reed Diffusers: 9.9%
Soap: 9.9%
Candles: 100%

IFRA Documentation

Safety Data Sheet

EU Allergin Declaration

Customer Reviews

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Staying in

I named this staying in, because it smells just like that! A cozy day in with your favorite freshly washed blanket. This is a huge seller for me in candles, room sprays and wax melts! I love that a little goes a long way with this oil!!

This is pretty!

White cashmere is like wrapping yourself in the softest white cashmere. From the moment it touches your skin, it's like being cocooned in a cloud of warmth and comfort. Whether you use it as a room spray (10%) or clothes spray (10%), or in body butter (0.5%), it adapts to every occasion with ease. It's like having your favorite cashmere sweater with you wherever you go—soft, cozy, and oh-so-comforting. This is that one scent you would call a pretty scent!

Kerry T.

I'm obsessed with this!! My friend recommended this FO to me as a cozy scent and she wasn't kidding. I have put this in everything I could so I can smell like it from t*ts to toes! I used it in GB 444 soy wax at 9% and the CT & HT were strong. Once lit, the fragrance bloomed and filled the entire living and dining room area with an 8.5oz candle. I also made a deodorant and used it in my recipe at 2.5%. I made perfume using grape alcohol and rollerball perfume using FCO at 30% and it's long-lasting with slight sillage. I've now made this fragrance permanent in my perfume line and it's very popular! It's dang perfect!


This is a pretty, comfy scent, it was a little lighter for me in coco soy at 9%. I will try it in room sprays and a perfume next and use it as a blender.

Cuddle Vibes

This a great cashmere scent. It's a soft, cuddly and comforting type of scent. Made a candle using coco 83 at 8% FO. Heated to 200 added fragrance immediately and poured at 185. I did have a hard time getting a decent HT 3/10. CT was maybe a 7/10. I'm still learning so will try again.