Whistler Woods

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Explore a forest path outside your lodge as woodsy notes of Western Red Cedar and Pacific Silver Fir weave a trail alongside Whistler Spruce and charred woods above a damp forest floor.


Inspired by the Four Seasons Whistler scent piped throughout their grand lobby. 

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Denise C.
Upscale earthy scent

This fragrance is amazing OOB, but I felt the hot throw wasn’t there. I ended up blending with another oil, and found the scent I was looking for!

Nice woodsy scent

This is a great woodsy scent but didn’t have as strong of a cold throw/hot throw as I was hoping at 8% in Titan wax. I might try at 9-10%.

Chelsea Gonzalez
Needs a longer cure time

I made this in smaller 8 oz candles. I was using deluxe soy wax at 11% FO… after two weeks, I felt like I couldn’t smell them! I tucked them away in a box until i could decide what to do with them.

A month later, I came back to them and decided to light one. The hot through is beautiful! It’s very much the essence of a lodge in the great outdoors! I love it! I’m going to try again with a different wax to see if that give it better performance! It’s definitely a refreshing scent!

Smells good

This scent was amazing oob but I didn’t have great success in parasoy wax melts. I tend to exceed the usual percentage and that didn’t help. I had to stand fairly close to my warmer to smell it. Could have been a batch of melts on my part, but that doesn’t usually happen to me. I was disappointed.

Pi-Hsuan Chen

Whistler Woods