Top Shelf Speakeasy

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A smooth cocktail blend of pink pepper, neroli oil, rum and vanilla surrounded by the intoxicating warmth of smokey tobacco leaf and leather.

Reminiscent of the underground Lovers of Today cocktail bar.

Top: Pink Pepper, Neroli Oil

Heart: Night Blooming Jasmine, Violet Absolute

Base: Rich Sandalwood, Vanilla Musk, Smokey Tobacco Leaf, Leather


All Simbi Fragrances are phthalate free, cruelty free and vegan.

CP Soaping Notes: Great to work with, no ricing or acceleration. There's strong scent retention. Soap discolors to a brown/tan after a full cure. 

Vanillin: 0.1<1%

Ethyl Vanillin: 0.1<1%

Essential Oils: California Lemon Oil Under 1%


Max Usage Rates:

Perfume: 11.42%

Body Lotion: 2.76%

Body Wash: 7.50%

Reed Diffusers: 7.50%

Soap: 7.50%

Candles: 100%

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
One of my favorite

Top Shelf Speakeasy has been one of my absolute favorites since the day it arrived in the mail. It is complex and captivating. It has a rich blend that is tobacco and vanilla-forward, which I adore. As the candle ages, the violet and leather notes start to peak, adding depth and intrigue to the scent. I used it in coco apricot wax at a 10%, and both CT/HT are a perfect 10/10.
I tried it in an emulsified body lotion at 1%, and the results were fantastic and also in diffusers. This fragrance oil offers a luxurious and sophisticated scent experience, making it a top choice for both candles and personal care products.

THAT guy

This scent is masculine perfection. It's the epitome of sophistication—it's THAT guy. With its smokey, leathery, and sandalwoody notes, it's like wrapping yourself in a cozy yet mysterious aura that captivates the senses. The pink pepper and neroli oil add a spicy and floral twist to the fragrance, while the rum and vanilla bring a rich sweetness that balances out the depth of the tobacco leaf and leather. I could sniff this scent all day—it's like being transported to a dimly lit cocktail bar, surrounded by the whispers of intriguing conversations and the clinking of glasses. I use this in men perfume at 10%. Give it a try! Simbi masculine scents do not disapoint.

Best seller for me

This is a best seller for me in perfumes! I tried it in soap, and I will warn you, it does have some discoloration- not just a normal brown from vanillin but a unique color. If you can find a good workaround though- it DOES smell really good! As I mentioned, the perfume flies off the shelves!

Chelsea Gonzalez
I don’t know why I was so hesitant

This is the perfect masculine urbane smell! I made it into 12 oz candles w/ 11% FO and these candles are a vibe! Name is spot on! I cannot wait to turn this into perfume!!

So good!

This one is so dang good! It doesn’t smell cheap or boozy at all, but very high end. Everything is blended so well that no note overpowers another. 7/10 HT for me in C55 at 11% as well as in coconut olive candles at 8%.