Pineapple Treat

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The iconic pineapple whip is within grasp. Top notes of Hawaiian fresh cut pineapple and coconut milk introduce themselves before revealing a deeper, decadent coconut cream.

Top Notes: Hawaiian Pineapple, Coconut Milk, Tropical Ozone

Heart Notes: Pineapple Syrup

Base Notes: Fresh Coconut Cream, Tropical Sheer Musk

 This is a Simbi original fragrance. 


Vanillin: 0.1-1%

Ethyl Vanillin: 1-5%

Flashpoint: Over 200F

Essential Oils: Florida Orange Oil 1-5%

Phthalate Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan: Yes.

Soaping Notes: Soaped via CP using the minimum FO percentage. There was no ricing nor acceleration and there was endless time for swirls. This turns yellow immediately and eventually settles at a deep orange with brown hints. Scent retention is strong. 


Max usage rates:

Perfume (Cat 4): 71.66%

Reed Diffusers (Cat 10A): 31.66%

Soap (Cat 9): 31.66%

Candles (Cat 12): 100%


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Customer Reviews

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Juicy paradise

Pineapple Treat is a tropical escape bottled up, offering a tantalizing blend. It's the epitome of juiciness and creaminess intertwined—a sensory delight that's hard to resist. As a pineapple lover, I'm obsessed with its authentic scent that evokes cravings with every whiff. Just a touch of it at 0.5% concentration in my body butter transports me to paradise, making every skincare routine feel like a luxurious getaway. In short, Pineapple Treat is a must-have for fruity scent enthusiasts—it's a true delight that promises to elevate your senses and leave you yearning for more.

Dole Whip!!

This is a fantastic scent that is true to the original dole whip - one of my favourite treats of course! This fragrance performs well in Coco wax with a very good HT 7/10. It also does well in both room spray and car diffuser. I will always love this scent, the truest dole whip fragrance on the market!!

Gianna Caruso
So close to the real thing

I am a dole whip super fan and this oil did not disappoint me! It really shines in wax or on the blotter, OOB you might not pick up on all of its gourmand delicacies. I recommend using it in a candle, I found it stayed truest to form that way. 8/10 in CAC with 10%.

Didn't know what to expect...

I'm embarassed to say, I hadn't tried Pineapple Dole whip until I bought this fragrance. I ran out to my nearest redneck ice cream stand and got some! Out of the bottle, it smells the same.

I used Pineapple treat in soap and bath bombs. It turns the soap dark brown that I made about 6 weeks ago and the pineapple portion of the fragrance is gone. What is left is a beautiful vanilla. And, unfortunately, it has completely disappeared in bath bombs.

I love this fragrance. I am so sad.


This fragrance is so accurate to the Pineapple Dole Whip at Disney! It’s a summer must-have and has been a top seller for my summer collection. Great as a room spray and candle. It’s such a nice fragrance that I’ve actually used the room spray as body spray most of the summer! It’s a beautiful pineapple option that doesn’t smell like pineapples from everyone else’s collections.