Enchanted Peppermint

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A magical blend of sea fennel, and baobab sea oil perfectly matched with young peppermint and salted air. 

Top: Sea Fennel, Baobab Sea Oil, Young Peppermint, Salt Air, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Bergamot, Jasmine Tea, Steeped Rose

Heart: Orange Blossom, Neroli Leaf, Lemon Essence, Freesia, Pineapple Leaves

Base: Green Tea Extract, Green Seaweed


The scent used in on-property magical resort rooms in a familiar sea salt scent.


All Simbi Fragrances are phthalate free, cruelty free and vegan.

CP Soaping Notes: Zero discoloration. No ricing nor acceleration. There is strong scent retention after six weeks. 

Vanillin: 0%

Essential Oils: California Lemon Oil 1-5%, Spanish Pennyroyal Oil Under 1%


Max Usage Rates:

Perfume: Not Limited

Body Lotion: 51.54%

Body Wash: Not Limited

Reed Diffusers: Not Limited

Soap: Not Limited

Candles: Not Limited


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Customer Reviews

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Denise C.
Enchanted Peppermint

This fragrance is so beautiful! The cold and hot throws are incredible in Ceda Serica wax. I want one burning in my house 24/7! So clean and refreshing with an upscale vibe.

Unique peppermint

This is a very fresh, spa-like peppermint scent. It’s definitely not a straight peppermint. It’s very unique and pretty. I made wax melts, and the scent was very strong and long lasting.

Karissa Merrill
First fallen snow

I marketed this scent as a first fallen snow candle. The earthiness and the mint were the perfect combination! It performs amazingly in soy10 with wooden wicks, along with c55. I'm normally a 10% girly but yiu can easily do 6-8%

Salty peppermint

It's green, it's salty, it's fresh, and it's so authentically sea-like. With notes of sea fennel and seaweed, it's like taking a stroll along the shoreline, with the waves crashing at your feet. But here's the thing—it's powerful. This fragrance packs a punch, so it's not for the faint of heart. It's a bold, intense scent that demands attention and commands respect. Now, about the peppermint—it's a standout element in this fragrance. The young peppermint adds a refreshing and invigorating twist to the scent, like a cool breeze blowing over the ocean waves. However, I used it in soap, and for me, it was a bit too intense, a bit too green. So, I would recommend using a smaller percentage to achieve the desired effect. Despite its intensity, it's a very complex and rounded scent. If you're looking for an upscale peppermint experience, this is it.

Spa-like Peppermint

This is not Christmas peppermint! It is a spa-like peppermint. I have used it in C55 wax melts at 11% and in room spray. It is very strong in wax! Definitely can drop the percentage away down! I use 11% because it’s the easiest math. I personally love it as a room spray and only use 2.5%.