Black Velvet

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This is a seductive blend that smells like the best, bad decisions you could make. Full of oxymorons, all of the notes intertwine beautifully while also providing various journeys to explore.

There's olibanum which adds woodsy and spicy notes, but green and fruity notes when it feels like it. There's also cassis, which sometimes gives off a pomegranate vibe but on other sniffs, it simply beautifully enhances the jasmine. It's an ever-changing blend in the best way, waiting for you to follow along. 

Top Notes: Sweet Cream, Olibanum, Cassis, Pomegranate
Middle Notes: Cedar Wood, Tuberose, Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla, Sheer Musk, Vetiver, Patchouli

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Vanillin: Under 1%

Ethyl Vanillin: 5-10%

Phthalate Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free: Yes

Skin Safe, Pet Safe: Yes, within IFRA limits.

Candle Optimized: Yes

Essential Oils: California Lemon Oil Under 1%, Orange Essence Oil Under 1% Cinnamon Leaf Oil Under .1%

CP Soaping Notes: Soaped at 100 degrees and there was no ricing, acceleration, and slightly slowed down trace. Plenty of time for multiple colors and swirls. Discolors to a light tan. There is strong scent retention after six weeks.

IFRA Max Usage Allowance:

Perfume Cat 4 Not Limited

Body Lotion Cat 5A 14.48%

Reed Diffusers Cat 10A 6.07%

Soap Cat 9 6.07%

Candles Cat 12 Not Limited

Customer Reviews

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So good

This is such a smooth scent that leans masculine but is not a typical masculine scent. It’s complex and intriguing. It had medium/strong cold throw and hot throw at 8% in Titan wax.

Love it!

This is amazing in body products. It gives a dark and sexy vibe when applied in body oils and perfume. It also makes an amazing room spray. I am obsessed with this scent.


This fragrance is a paradoxical journey, where every note intertwines beautifully yet offers a different path to explore. I use this fragrance in perfume and body lotion, and let me tell you—it's a sensation. Soft, cozy, and impeccably balanced, it's more than just a scent—it's an experience. It's like stepping into a misty evening, where every breath is filled with anticipation and allure. In my opinion, it leans towards the feminine side. It's for anyone who dares to embrace the seductive mysteries of the night. This is sexy, this is mysterious. It's like a whispered promise in the dark, inviting you to surrender to its irresistible charm.I use it in perfumes at 10% for body spray and up to 15% for perfume concentration. This ensures that the fragrance is both long-lasting and perfectly balanced, allowing its seductive allure to linger throughout the day or night. Obsessed! Considering the notes of Black Velvet—such as olibanum, cassis, jasmine, cedarwood, and vanilla—it's perfect for individuals who appreciate a balance between bold, woody, and spicy elements with softer, sweeter undertones.

Maria Medina

This is such a mysterious, sexy fragrance. I use it in lotion and perfume sprays and the fragrance lingers for hours. Do not pass this up!

Sweet and sexy!

I get the sweet cream, black currant, jasmine, musk and patchouli notes! Made a candle using coco 83 at 8%. 7/10 CT and HT after 2 week cure but after about 2 months 10/10 HT!