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A warm aristocratic fusion of Australian sandalwood, Atlas cedar and sheer vanilla above a dry down of natural cocoa, sensual spices and warm musk.

Top: Australian Sandalwood, Atlas Cedar

Heart: Sheer Vanilla

Base: Natural Cocoa, Smooth Amber, Warm Musk 


Flashpoint: Over 200F

Vanillin: Less than .1%

Phthalate Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free: Yes

Skin Safe, Pet Safe: Yes

Candle Optimized: Yes

Essential Oils: Orange Essence Oil <.1%


IFRA Max Usage Allowance:

Perfume (Cat 4) 10%

Body Lotion (Cat 5A) 6.45%

Body Wash (Cat 9) 2.70%

Reed Diffusers (Cat 10A) 2.70%

Soap (Cat 9) 2.70%

Candles (Cat 12) 100%



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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Marvah Gooden
Crowd Pleaser

LOVE this! — it’s a perfect year round scent thats a good balance of woody and earthy notes. HT is amazing using coco apricot at 8-9%, CT is phenomenal too and it makes a great room spray. Definitely keeping it on my line year round

Maria Medina
Beautiful stranger

For me, this fragrance exudes mysterious, beautiful stranger. It’s moody, warm, and sexy. I poured it in soy wax at 10%FO and got 8/10CT and 9/10HT. It smells so good in linen spray too! Just gorgeous!

For me, it's a pass

I had high hopes for the Santal scent, but unfortunately, it didn't work out for me. I used 9% of the scent in coconut apricot wax, but it turned out to be very light. I would rate it a 6.5 out of 10. I think my nose perceives this scent differently as it smells warm and inviting, but when I put it into wax, it gives off a burning smell. I even tried lowering the percentage to 7%, but it did not make any difference. I know that many people love this scent, but it just doesn't seem to work for me

Probably one of my top 5!

I have worked with SANTAL now for over 4 months and it is certainly a wonderful performer. I have used it in CANDLES, utilizing Coconut Apricot Wax and also Makesy's VCS. The CT is a solid 8 in both waxes and I would also dare to say a 9-10 HT in both waxes as well. You cannot lose with this fragrance oil. I particularly love the initial scent of CEDAR which is wrapped around a piercing lovely smell of warm SANDALWOOD. After burning for an hour, I started to smell the SHEER VANILLA and COCOA followed by a warm inviting base. It does change, like most luxury scents over the course of a 4 hour burn. Mysterious, sexy as heck, and certainly gender neutral. I sell a lot of this! Add to your collection soon, you won't be disappointed.

Debrah Allen
Perfect Santal

You won’t be dissatisfied with this.