New York at Night

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Luxurious warmth from exotic black tea leaves and toasted fig capture your attention, followed by freshly ground nutmeg and neroli before ending on a perfect blend of sheer evening vanilla and tonka bean.

Top Notes: White Jasmine, Black Tea, Toasted Fig

Heart Notes: Smoked Violet, Black Tea, Nutmeg, Neroli

Base Notes: Clove Leaves, Evening Vanilla, Tonka Bean


 A Simbi OG fragrance from our Destination Discovery Set. 


All Simbi Fragrances are phthalate free, cruelty free and vegan.

CP Soaping Notes: Easy to work with. Discolors to a deep orange-tan. Strong scent retention after six weeks.

Vanillin: 5%

Ethyl Vanillin: 1-5%

Essential Oils: Nutmeg Oil <1%


Max Usage Rates:

Perfume: 44.77%

Body Lotion: 12.22%

Soap: 52.00%

Reed Diffusers: 52.00%

Candles: 100%


IFRA Documentation 

 Safety Data Sheet

Customer Reviews

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Guilherme Muniz

New York at Night

Inviting Aroma

New York at Night has quickly become one of my favorite scents since I started using it. For me, it is very black tea-forward with a delightful hint of spices. I used it in coco apricot wax at an 8% concentration, and both CT/HT are a 10/10. The scent lingers for a long time, filling up my whole house with its warm and inviting aroma. It truly captures the vibrant and sophisticated essence of New York nights spent in an upscale hotel.

Perfect in Car Diffusers and Linen Sprays

I love that this tea scent has a more powdery note, thanks to the jasmine and other floral notes.
The fig lends a soft and sweet musky aroma.
This one was perfect as a linen spray for my guest room - I did 20% in PA, and the scent has actually lasted for over 2 days, after just 2 days maceration.

Valerie K
One of my Favs

The scent is exotic and cozy and is truly an experience. I used at 10% in C3 Soy and both the HT and CT were strong. The vanilla finish is super smooth and I plan to use this in linen/body sprays next. It’s the kind of fragrance you can’t ever get tired of. Highly recommend

Cozy vibe

This is a spicy tea scent and very unique. It provides a cozy vibe when burning. It has a strong cold throw and hot throw in coconut soy wax.